Learning to Function Effectively in Second Life

Second Life can be intimidating for some new members, especially those with little or no experience with online games or virtual worlds. For these people it can be difficult to know what to do or where to go or even how to get there.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information and resources- both in Second Life and outside of it to help new members become comfortable enough with the environment that they can enjoy their experiences rather than worrying about the how-tos of functioning in Second Life.

One valuable resource within Second Life itself are the NCI campuses. Each campus has extensive self-paced tutorials, volunteers who are eager and willing to answer any questions new members might have, and regularly scheduled free classes to teach Second Life citizens how to function effectively (and even expertly) in Second Life

One of the most useful of these classes is the one hour Second Life basics course.

What follows is a description of how to get to the NCI Caledon campus and find information about the classes offered there

As you can see, NCI offers many classes beyond Introduction to Second Life. If you learn well face-to-face, taking these classes should be an extremely effective way for you to learn a wide variety of useful and fun Second Life skills.

If you prefer learning on your own, a wide variety of resources exist on the Internet.

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