Locating the Oakland University Island in Second Life

Oakland University has its own island in Second Life.

The island is a safe, inviting place to learn, teach, work on projects, play in the sandbox and interact with other Oakland University members.

However, new Second Life citizens often have difficuly finding the island

The following instructions should make finding the Island less of a challenge

(Note: Before you can visit the Oakland University Island, you need to join the Oakland University group)


search results

Teleport option

OU Portal

Congratulations on finding Oakland University's Island!

Look around! Explore!

The island has many unusual and useful features including a sandbox to practice building, links to interesting Second Life locations, examples of student projects, and useful items for the new Second Life citizen.

Oakland University's island is SO useful that you might want to visit the island again or even set the island as your home location.

Click here to learn how to create a landmark or set your home location

Click here to learn how to contact other group members (this includes any group you belong to, including the Oakland University group)

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