Moodle information

Moodle is the Main Web site for this course. I will duplicate content between the two sites as much as possible.  You will notice links in Moodle that access this web page. However, it is a good idea to learn to use Moodle rather than this website as your main page for this class.  It has several features that this website does not have.  It is also the only place that you will be able to take the weekly Homework Quizzes.

Follow this link to learn how to set your browser to enable the best performance on Moodle.

RSS Feed rss icon

I have created an RSS feed for this class. Think of this as a "what's new" bookmark for the class. When you subscribe to the feed you will have instant access to announcements and  informational articles relevant to the lectures and text.  If you don't know anything about RSS feeds you can still access the information using this Updates link.

Lecture MP3s

Due to popular request I have begun recording class lectures and posting them on this page.  You can download them from the website or subscribe to the Podcast.


I know how difficult it is to keep track of your syllabus throughout the semester so I have provided you with a virtual syllabus. Now when you misplace the syllabus you can just follow this link and print a brand new copy for yourself or you can save a few trees and just refer to your virtual syllabus every time you want to know what's going on in class that day/week/month.

Lecture Outlines

These are outlines of the lectures given in class. Some students find it useful to print out the outline and bring it to class to act as an organizer for note taking. Other students find it useful to use the outlines as a study guide for an upcoming test. Some students just like to know what topics will be covered in class that day. However you decide to use these outlines, be advised that they are NOT to be used as a substitute for class attendance. They are only outlines and, as such, will be missing important information such as demonstrations, specific examples, and (most importantly) DETAILS.

Sign Up for a Psychology Experiment

This is the link to the psychology experiment sign up page. All experiment sign ups can be conducted on this site. As soon as you sign up you receive an email notice containing the details of your experiment (time, room, etc.). If you do not see any available spaces for a particular experiment, check again later. The experimenters are constantly adding new time slots.

Psychology Links

Here are links to various psychology related web sites that I thought were interesting

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