Lecture Handouts

Below are lecture handouts for the PowerPoint files used in lecture. You can use these to help take notes and to keep up with the lecture.

Warning! Though the lectures will remain fairly consistent with those posted here, I reserve the right to change the lecture as the situation demands or opportunities arise. For example, I may read something interesting online that is relevent to the current lecture material and include it in the next lecture. This new information will not be in your lecture handouts. Alternately, I may choose to skip some examples in the interest of time.

* Introduction to research

* Understanding research literature

* Ethics

* Pseudoscience

* Descriptive statistics

* Inferential statistics

* Communicating your research

* Self Report and Observational Methods

* Correlation

* Reliability & Validity

* Subject Sampling and Assignment

* Experimental control

* Experimental design

* Experimental design examples

* Single participant design

* Quasi-experimental designs

4/24/2012 Final Exam: 12:00 - 3:00 PM

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