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During the semester, I will be recording my lectures, converting them into .mp3 format and posting them on this page.  The lectures will remain available for the full semester. However,to save disk space, after an exam, I will remove all the recorded lectures that do not contain content that will be tested for on subsequent exam. The recorded lectures on this site will also be posted as podcasts.  The url for  the podcasts is http://www.cindy.sifonis.com/Classes/Exp250/ExpPodcast.rss.
The .mp3s will contain my lectures but not in-class demonstrations or films.  The powerpoint for the lecture is posted, so it is possible to use the mp3 in combination with the lecture handouts to study for classes that you might have missed. Keep in mind though, that class attendance is required in the course and important content will not always be captures on the mp3 recordings.


I know how difficult it is to keep track of your syllabus throughout the semester so I have provided you with a virtual syllabus. Now when you misplace your syllabus you can follow this link and print a brand new copy for yourself. Or you can skip printing it and just refer to your virtual syllabus every time you want to know what is planned for class that day/week/month.

Lecture Handouts

These are pdf files of the lectures given in class. Some students bring a copy of the day's lecture to class as an organizer for note taking. Other students use the handout as a study guide for an upcoming test. Some students just like to know what topics will be covered in class that day. However you decide to use these handouts, be advised that they are NOT to be used as a substitute for class attendance. They will be missing important information such as example exercises, descriptions of classroom demonstrations, and specific examples presented during the lecture.

Homework Assignments

These are the assignments you will be given during the semester. On this page you can see when each assignment was assigned, when it is due, and what the requirements are for the assignment.

Practice Tests

I frequently get asked about the nature of the questions on the tests or the material my students are expected to know. I have found that posting practice tests is very helpful in preparing for the test. At the very least, taking the practice test may inform you as to what material you still need to study.


You will need to use Moodle to access class readings, turn in many of your assignments, access your exam grades and your final grade for the class

Sign Up for a Psychology Experiment

This is the link to the psychology experiment sign up page. All experiment sign ups can be conducted on this site. As soon as you sign up you receive an email notice containing the details of your experiment (time, room, etc.). If you do not see any available spaces for a particular experiment, check again later. The experimenters are constantly adding new time slots.

Experimental Psychology Links

This page contains various links to websites describing statistical concepts (including demos), psuedoscience, and APA style guides.

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