MP3 Lectures rss gif

Follow this link to access mp3 recordings of the lecture.

Syllabus (F11)

Here is your virtual syllabus. Now when you misplace your syllabus you can follow this link and print a brand new copy for yourself.

Lecture Handouts

Follow the link to access lecture handouts. These are handouts are copies of the powerpoint slides supplementing the lecture. Consequently, they do not contain all the information presented during the lecture which means they should not be relied upon exclusively as a study guide. Note taking during lecture is still important.


These are the assignments you will be given during the semester. On this page you can see when each assignment is due and, by following the links on this page, you can also find out exactly what is expected for each assignment.

Group Projects

Want to know more about the two group projects that you will be engaged in during the end of the semester?  This is the place to find the answers to all of your questions.

In-Class Discussions

General requirements for in-class discussions. Includes approximate time frame in which discussion will occur, required reading/listening, and assessement of participation

Second Life Resources for Students

Links to tutorials about how to join the Oakland University Second Life group, find OU's Second Life island, get around in Second Life and More

Creativity and Innovation Links

Links to websites and articles relevant to creativity and innovation.