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As you will learn in the course, “creativity” is a socially constructed concept. Consequently, in-class discussions of the material and implications/applications of the material are an important component of the course. Our discussions will bring a variety of perspectives to the course material and provide you with opportunities to consider alternate viewpoints relating to creativity and innovation.

The in-class discussions described below are the ones for which you will need to prepare for the discussion by reading the assigned article or listening to the assigned mp3. Other in-class discussions will occur during the semester for which you will not have to prepare keeping up on the assigned readings.

On a few occassions, such as when we run out of class time, these "in class discussions" will take place in Moodle on a discussion forum.


To prepare for the class discussion you need to read or listen to the assigned material and come to class with notes on the assigned material relevant to the topic being discussed.

I will try to post discussion points along with the posting of the assigned material.

If no discussion points are posted, please include in your nots your observations concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the assigned material

Also include any questions/points you would like to bring up during the class discussion.


A pleasant in-class discussion experience requires students to be prepared AND actively participate in the discussion in a respectful fashion. Following these guidelines will help make the discussion pleasant and educational:

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Your notes will be checked prior to beginning the discussion so that you can get credit for being prepared.

You can only turn these notes in during the class period we have the discussion! So make sure you remember to print/write them ahead of time and bring them to class.

At the conclusion of the class discussion, note whether the class discussion changed your opinion of the strengths/weaknesses you identified and why.

You will turn in these notes at the end of class to receive credit for participating in the discussion.

You will receive between 0 and 2 points for in-class discussion

Some in-class discussions will not require you to prepare for the discussion beforehand (beyond keeping up with your reading). In these cases, you will only need to make notes following the discussion and turn it in.

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Week 9/13 - 9/19: Guest Speakers from the hackerspace i3Detroit

Week 9/20 - 9/26: “TED talks – Elizabeth Gilbert” mp3

Week 10/11 - 10/17: “Malcome Gladwell” mp3

Others TBA

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