Cognitive Psychology (PSY 316)

Updated: Winter 2010

MP3 Lecture

Follow this link to access mp3 recordings of the lecture. (Note: Any lectures for the summer class have been/will be recorded using Elluminate and can be accessed only in Moodle. The two lectures scheduled to occur Second Life will not be recorded)


Here is your virtual syllabus. Now when you misplace your syllabus you can follow this link and print a brand new copy for yourself.

Lecture Handouts

(Note: The actually PowerPoint files for the lectures are posted in Moodle for the online class)

These are the PowerPoint handouts of the lectures given in class. Some students bring a copy of the day's handouts to class as an organizer for note taking. Other students use the handouts as a study guide for an upcoming test. Some students just like to know what topics will be covered in class that day. However you decide to use these handouts, be advised that they are NOT to be used as a substitute for class attendance. They are only handouts of the PowerPoint slides and, as such, will be missing important information such as descriptions of classroom demonstrations, specific examples presented during the lecture, and (most importantly) DETAILS.

Writing Assignments

These are the assignments you will be given during the semester. On this page you can see when each assignment is due and, by following the links on this page, you can also find out exactly what is expected for each assignment.


This is the link to the CogLab web site where you can participate in the CogLab homework experiments for class (Because of my growing dissatisfaction with CogLab, this is not the case for the Winter 2010 class). I am leaving this link active because I might change my mind and so that my students can access some of the synopses of various phenomena.

Commercial Presentation

One component of your class grade is the creation and presentation of a commercial. This will be a group project. The commercial will be presented to the class on the last day of class. Please follow the link to access all the details of what you need to know for the commercial.

Studying for the Exams

I will be posting a list of study questions for each exam. Student can use the Moodle Exam Forums to discuss the answers for the exams. If a student would like to see if they have answered an exam question correctly, they can post the answer on the discussion forum and ask me to review the answer for accuracy.

Go to the Moodle site and the instructions for the topic discussion forums for more information.

Psychology Links

Links to web sites that focus on psychological issues.  Given my interests, many of these links provide information relevant to Cognitive psychology