Writing Assignment Criteria

If you read the syllabus, you will know that this course is a writing intensive course.  This means that  “At least one third (1/3) of the overall course grade is based on substantive written assignments” and that students must demonstrate in their writings “knowledge of the elements, writing processes, and organizing strategies for creating analytical and expository prose” and “effective rhetorical strategies appropriate to the topic, audience, context, and purpose.”

In fact, all the 300 level courses in the Psychology department that satisfy the psychology degree requirements at the 300 level are writing intensive courses. However, there are many different ways that the instructors choose to satisfy the requirements.  Term papers, and summarizing a series of journal articles organized around a central theme are common methods.  Because the goals of this specific course include “Learning to tolerate ambiguity and to think about scientific information flexibly and creatively” as well as “Having the opportunity to practice relevant and marketable job skills” your writing assignments will be a little different.

In your future, you are likely to be faced with a situation in which you need to read scientific research, think critically about what you have read and explain both the research and your thoughts about it in a clear, concise professional manner.  At least I hope that is the case, because that is the purpose of some of the writing assignments in this class.

Writing Assignment #1

Due:  1/17


Re-write of Writing Assignment #1

Due: 2/25

Writing Assignment #2

Due: 2/14


Writing Assignment #3

Due: 3/14


Writing Assignment #4

Due: 4/4


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