Shinjuku is supposed to be Tokyo's answer to Times Square. I knew this and I had been to Times Square only the year before so I was expecting the crush and bustle of the crowds. However, expecting it and experiencing it are two different things.
All I could say when we stepped off the subway was "WOW!"

The pictures on this page don't even come close to doing it justice.


This is the street as you exit the subway.
We have yet to experience the heart of Shinjuku.


This is the heart of Shinjuku - the theatre district.


Spiderman 3 and Die Hard 4 were being heavily advertised. I'm not sure if they were showing yet.
I did notice that 300 was opening on June 9th. I would have gone to see it if we hadn't been flying out that day.


Shinjuku is noted for its clothing stores. This is one of the trendier stores. This floor is devoted to the Goth look.

I snapped a picture for Damian's friend Becca. If she had seen the store she would have thought she had died and gone to heaven.

I thought nothing of taking the picture but the flash brought the clothing Gestapo down on my head. I got the message that taking pictures at these stores was VERBOTEN.


That didn't stop me from taking a picture of this display in the back of the store. Oooooh! Gothic!

I enjoyed seeing all the uniquely Japanese clothing styles being worn in the city. I don't have any pictures because I draw the line at pointing the camera at random strangers to take their picture. However, here are links to pictures of the predominant styles in the city.

Victorian/Gothic Lolita
Cosplay (the strangest of all)


Watch out!
This is bat country!


I had to include this. It is a toilet with options (bidet,spray, flush music, and scent (remover I assume).

And you can find these around Tokyo about as frequently as you can find the kind of toilet that is little more than a flushable trough in the floor (shudder).