electronics district

We didn't visit Akihabara so much as Electronic Town within Akihabara.
Akihabara's Electric Town is the ultimate tech/manga geek mecca. It is absolutely filled with computer stores, markets and stalls selling discounted computer components, electronics, and electronic components

Even though Damian and I are not (quite)Otaku (extreme tech/manga geeks), we thought we were visiting a slice of heaven.

This is a shot of the street just as you enter Electric Town.

sony store

This is the Sega store. It was the very first store we visited (surprise, surprise). It was worth the stop with four stories devoted to video games.

Subsequent pictures detailing our visit to this district focus mainly on this store even though we wandered through many computer and electronics stores.

This area is known for it's cutting edge products. After our experience trying to take pictures of cutting edge fashion in Shinjuku, we thought it prudent to refrain from doing so here.

sony interior

This is one of the floors of the Sega store. It contained hundreds, if not thousands, of old video game cartridges. It was almost like visiting a museum. There were old Nintendo and SuperNintendo games. There were Sega Genesis and NeoGeo games.

Damian was experiencing video game heaven and hell.
He was in heaven because here were hundreds of rare Japanese titles for consoles he still owns.
He was in hell because the Japanese titles were not configured for US consoles.
In the case of the old SuperNintendo games, the cartridges could be modded to work in the US consoles (which we successfully accomplished).
In the case of the (comparatively) newer PS2 games, differing file systems made this impossible.


This was the top floor of the Sega building. A lot of the old video games made for the consoles had been ported into these video arcade consoles.

The Metal Gear Solid soldier guards the area making sure only the truly geeky enter.


Here is a shot of Damian playing one of the games. In case you can't tell, he is kicking ass.
He is playing one of his favorite console games which he plays at home on the computer using a video game emulator.
He is enjoying the novelty of playing it like a "real" video game.

During the time it took me to go through eight games, he only played two. In my defense, the first game I tried playing had a sticky, nonresponsive joystick and the second game (where I wasted most of my coins) I had never played before.

ubx building

Before we left, we decided to check out the Tokyo Anime Center.

This is a shot of the UBX building in which it is located.

The center was much smaller than we expected but it was still worth visiting. It had some exhibits and a small store where we picked up some pretty cool loot.

It also had a recording studio where we could watch voice actors record a new episode of Pokemon.