Our tour book suggested visiting Shibuya at nightfall, so we did. It said we would be blown away by the lights and frenetic activity and I guess we were.

It was like Shinjuku but with more of a focus on dining, bars, and (in certain areas) sex.
When we were there, it also appeared to be the time and the place for the typical salaryman to unwind after a long day at work.

This is the view of the area just after exiting the subway. At this point we are wondering "So what is the big deal?"


We follow the crowds across the street to a more brightly lit area.

We are still thinking "Yah. Downtown. Seen it."


Then we get to the middle of it all and realize what a big deal it really is. It was even busier than Shinjuku.

The shibuya entertainment district starts at this busy central point (Hachiko Plaza) and streets lead away from it like spokes from a wheel.

We found out that if you follow the spokes uphill you end up in the area of Shibuya known as Love Hotel Hill.

The area wasn't labeled as such but it isn't too hard to figure out. It appears that neither cultural nor language differences can disguise the nature of these types of neighborhoods.

biker bar

I didn't expect to see a biker bar here. I guess that was because we only saw two Harleys. In fact, there were precious few motorcycles of any sort to be seen during our stay in Tokyo.

I guess this proves that Shibuya truly caters to all types of tastes.


Along one of the other, more wholesome, spokes we found this very interesting building.

I am assuming Disney had something to do with the look of the building because the first few floors of the building were selling Disney-related merchandise.

Did you know there is a Tokyo Disneyland? We didn't go there this time, but when I visited on my last trip to Tokyo, I found it to be rather surreal. I'm pretty confident that probably hasn't changed over the years.


Spidey was also hard at work fighting crime.
(Or "hardly working" given the crime rate in Tokyo).