Social Media Group Project: Research Components

This assignment is based on the social media group project conducted in class this semester.

Provide answers to the following questions for your in-class research project. Your answers can be submitted in bullet point format if you choose.

You can choose to submit your answers to these questions individually or as a group so please let me know if your answers count just for yourself or for your group as a whole


1.) What possible extraneous variables could affect your DV?

How were they controlled?

Were there any confounds?

2.) How were participants assigned to conditions or how did you select your sample to observe for your study?

3.) Did you use a within or between subject design? If you used a descriptive or relational design, describe what type of research you conducted.

Justify your choice

4.) Describe the potential subject related artifacts in your study.

How did you control for these?

5.) Describe potential experimenter related artifacts in your study.

How did you control for these?

6.) What was the subject sampling method used in the experiment?

Why this method?

What are potential problems with inferences made on the basis of this sample?

7.) Were there any threats to internal validity?

If so, how controlled?