Social Media Group Project: Components

This assignment is based on the social media group project conducted in class this semester.

Provide answers to the following questions for your in-class experiment project. Your answers can be submitted in bullet point format if you choose.

You can choose to submit your answers to these questions individually or as a group so please let me know if your answers count just for yourself or for your group as a whole


1.) What is/are your operational definitions of the Independent Variable(s)?

What are the levels of the IV(s)?

2.) What is/are your operational definition of the Dependent Variable(s)?

3.) Provide your justification for examining the relationship between your two variables of interest

You must cite at least three articles in your justification that were not articles you were assigned to read for class. (You can use assigned articles in your literature review though)

4.) What is your hypothesis?


5.) How will you manipulate/measure the IV?

6.) How will you measure the DV?