T-shirt Designs

For this assignment, you will need to create your own creative t-shirt design (You have options as to how your design can be creative. For example, the design itself could be creative, the design could be about creativity, or something else you can think of that would make it a creative tshirt design).

This t-shirt design will form the core of the first group project. If you work individually on the project, you will use the design that you created for this assignment. If you work in a group for the group project, your group will decide which of the designs created by the group members for this assignment will be used in the group project (it could even end up being a combination of designs).

Do not worry about your artistic ability because your grade on this assignment will not depend on the artistic quality of the image you upload for the assignment.

However, you would do well to remember that one of the criteria by which your homework assignments are graded is that some care has been taken to submit something that does not look like you completed it in the 30 minutes left before the assignment was due

You can choose whichever media you desire for the t-shirt design (e.g., pen or pencil drawing, photoshop or illustrator file, etc.). However, the design needs to be uploaded as an image file (e.g., jpeg, psd, png).

Some people freak out about this part of the assignment because they don't have a digital camera or a scanner. However, most people have phones that can take pictures. This means that a last resort option is to take a picture of the design with your phone and upload the picture to your computer just like any other pictures you take with your phone.

The following criteria need to be met for the assignment