Threadless-T Group Project Description

The Threadless T group project involves designing a t-shirt that has something to do with creativity/innovation. The t-shirts generated by each group will be voted on by the class and the team with the winning t-shirt will have the opportunity (if they choose) to submit their design to Threadless T.

Purpose of the assignment.

The first group assignment is intended to give you some hands-on experience of how cultural and organizational influences affect creativity and innovation.

This will be accomplished by participating in Threadless T's "Threadless 101" project.

What is Threadless?

The Threadless literature that comes with the Threadless 101 pack says the following:

"Artists within the Threadless community (over 800,000 so far) submit original tee shirt
designs online to the Threadless website ( Each design gets it's
own page for voting and comments, and over a period of 7 days, the Threadless
community scores the design on a scale of 0 to 5 and comments on the submission.
Based on the scores and comments, a small percentage of submitted designs are selected
for printing and sold through both our online store and our retail store in Chicago. On
an average week, Threadless receives around 1000 tee design submissions. Each week,
the staff selects new designs to be printed at a later time, and launches new designs every Monday.

The same process will be used in this class to pick a winning design from all the groups' designs.

"Winning" the class vote

You will be given a script to use in Second Life to sell your tshirts. This script will allow you to set the price for your t-shirt (from $0L to whatever price you or the buyer chooses). It will also keep track of how many t-shirt are "sold" and the amount of money you made selling the shirt (dont worry - you will also be provided with video tutorials). Whichever t-shirt makes the most money wins (or maybe it will be the t-shirt with the most downloads?).

What is won? Your generous professor will award $1000L to the winning group/individual.

How will you win in this project? You could win by designing the most desired t-shirt. You can get an idea of what desirable t-shirt are by going to and researching the types of t-shirt that are best liked by the public. You need to do this research for your presentation, so you could also use the information to create or modify a design so it will be desirable to the most people. You could also win by using a creative marketing or advertising strategy. How about creating a t-shirt with special properties? Can you think of other creative ways to end up with the most downloads/purchases of a t-shirt or to make the most money from selling your t-shirt?

Choosing a group

You will be able to choose your own group. However, in making your choice, keep in mind that having a diversity of skills (artistic, organizational, research, creative, presentation..) across your group members will facilitate successfully completing this group project.

You also have the choice to do this project by yourself. It would allow you to do things when and how you wish. However, the downside is that the t-shirt creation, marketing the t-shirt, doing the research on for the presentation, creating the presentation and presenting your work to the class is entirely up to you. This can be a good thing or a bod thing depending on your personality.

The final product

The final product of the Threadless T-shirt project will be