Threadless-Ts Project Criteria

For your final product you need to upload the following materials:

Your group will also be graded on the following components of your explanation of the process your group engaged in to create it's t-shirt.

  1. Staying within the time constraint of 10 minutes (2 points)

  2. Providing a good quality image of your tshirt design for the class to view while you give your presentation (2 points)

  3. Explaining the meaning of the design and your group's reasons for using that design (2 points)

  4. Providing information about how many t-shirts were sold and how much money you made selling them (2 points)

  5. Describing the results of your Research into users ratings of the designs submitted to Threadless

  6. How you marketed/sold your design and your reasons for your choices

  7. An explanation of how your group made its decision concerning how the profits from the t-shirt sales and potential prize money shall be distributed amongst group members. Your explanation should reflect consideration about real life copyright/intellectual property issues.

The grading of components 5,6 and 7 will be based on the following:

To motivate those working in groups to participate equally on this group project, I will be giving you a group rating sheet so that you can indicate the contribution each group member made to the group project. Those who contributed more will receive a higher grade than other group members for the project. Those who contributed less will receive a lower grade for the group project. If group members indicate that a particular group member did not contribute at all to the project - their grade for the group project will reflect it.