Creativity & Innovation with Second Life Component

You will be graded on both the quality and content of your group presentation. You will also grade the other members in your group concerning their participation and contributions to the group project


5 points – Everybody in the group participated verbally in some fashion in the class presentation (You either get full points for this one or no points at all).

5 points - Quality of the presentation (Presentation is smooth and well done; It looks as if the group has practiced the presentation)

5 points - Quality of the media used for the presentation

5 points - Relevance to class (Is is clear from the presentation (or description during presentation) how the presentation is relevant to Creativity/Innovation?)

5 points - Clarity (Was in clear what the main topics or points were that were being made in the presentation?)

5 points - Coherence/organization (Was the presentation coherent? Did points made progress in a logical sequence or did it look as if each member in the group worked independently and simply reported their work one right after the other without tying everything together into a coherent whole?)

Presentation Content

5 points - Quality of research on topic (To what degree did the group research the topic? Did the group use a variety of resources?)

5 points - Reliability/Validity of sources (You need to explain, either in the presentation or in the supplementary files submitted with the electronic version of the presentation, the sources of information you used in the presentation. Cite sources - including web sources - when appropriate. I will be looking for your use of reliable sources of information when grading this component)

5 points - Points made about topic (Did you have several things to say about your topic)?

5 points - Contribution to class knowledge (Did the group simply revisit material discussed in class/in readings or did the group significantly contribute to the class's knowledge of creativity/innovation).

Second Life Content

5 points - Quality of Second Life content (Does it appear that your group invested effort in creating your Second Life component/build)

5 points - Relevance (Is the Second Life content you created relevant to your topic?)

5 points - Demonstration of Second Life content (Did your demonstration of the content work during the presentation? Is it clear what the content is supposed to represent and how it is representative of your topic?)

Group Presentations will be given in Class between 11/30 and 12/2

Following the presentation, you will need to turn in an electronic version of the presentation that was shown to the class as well as supplemantary information such as the scripts or verbal information presented by individual group members (if not included in the electronic version itself), citations of sources, etc.

You will also need to make sure that the Second Life component that you created for this presentation is also turned in either by giving it to the professor's avatar in Second Life or by uploading the materials (if that is possible) to Moodle.

Materials relevant to the presentation need to be uploaded by Sunday 12/4 (Late uploads will not be accepted)