Demonstrating Second Life Skills

Second Life is a core component of this course. However, most students have had little or no experience with a 3D virtual world such as Second Life.

Without a working familiarity of the basic functions of the Second Life interface, it will be difficult to be successful in this course.

This assignment is constructed to make sure that everybody in the class has learned the basic skills necessary to use Second Life in the classroom.

The extent to which you score full points on this assignment indicates the ease with which you will be able to use the the Second Life environment effectively enough to perform well on the group projects and class exercises that involve using the platform.

To earn the full 10 points for this assignment, you need to complete the following tasks

  1. Join the "Creativity in Action" Second Life group (I can verify this in Second Life)

  2. Write something in your Second Life Profile. To maintain your anonymity in Second Life, make sure it is nothing so personal that somebody reading it could figure out who you are in Real Life. (I can verify this in Second Life)

  3. Take a snapshot of yourself from the front (Your face should be visible to the viewer) at the main landing of the OU Island and upload the picture file to this assignment

  4. Take a snapshot of yourself wearing a new outfit or with some other change to your appearance. You can upload the image file to this assignment (I will be checking to make sure your avatar looks different from the default avatars). Alternately, just make sure you are wearing the new outfit when you take the picture for the previous assignment component. That way a single photo will satisfy requirements 3 & 4.

  5. Send my avatar (DrSifonis) a note card in Second Life. The note card should contain your real life name, and the landmark to a place on the OU Island or (even better) one of the places you visited in Second Life. Be sure to tell me in the note card where I would end up if I used the landmark to teleport to that location. (I can verify this in Second Life)