Memento: Accuracies and Inaccuracies

In this assignment, you will need to evaluate the movie Memento in terms of how accurately it portrays the facts of anterograde amnesia and the realities of the living a normal life with anterograde amnesia.

The main character in Memento is Leonard Shelby, a former insurance investigator, who spends the movie chasing down the man who killed his wife and destroyed his memory. At various points in the movie, Leonard describes his condition (anterograde amnesia). The movie also shows the degree to which Leonard's life and ability to deal with day-to-day events is affected by his condition.

One of the reasons I like this movie and why it is being used for this assignment is because it does a pretty good job (as far as movies go) in terms of describing anterograde amnesia, what causes it, and how it affects learning for those afflicted with condition. However, the movie is not perfect and it gets quite a few things wrong as well. For your paper you will need to do some research and describe in your paper how the movie accurately portrays anterograde amnesia and how it inaccurately portrays anterograde amnesia.

Required Sources for Your Research

Additional sources of information

Issues to address in your paper

Finally, you MUST include a reference section with your paper. It will not count towards your 5 page limit.

Feel free to address other aspects about the movie that were or were not accurate representations of someone suffering from anterograde amnesia.

In your paper, you must address the issues listed above and you don't have to address any other aspects. Iin other words, it is possible to earn full points on the paper by only addressing the issues listed above. However, if you find the topic interesting or enjoyed looking through the movie for accuracies and inaccuracies go ahead and speak your mind. It won't hurt your grade and it could possibly help your grade.

Be sure to follow the Applied Writing Assignment Criteria when writing your paper.

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